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Our Teachers

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 I believe the ultimate yoga is practiced in every breathing moment.

Isabel Gordon BSc (Hons), Adv Dip TCM

Founder | Lead Yoga Instructor| Acupuncturist | ZenThai Shiatsu Therapist

Isabel graduated as an Exercise Physiologist from the University of Sussex, UK in 1989. As a rep in athletics for Great Britain, she experienced the elation of high-level competition and then the pain and frustration of missing out on furthering her career due to repetitive surgery.  Years of debilitating back pain lead her to explore massage and then Traditional Chinese Medicine.  She graduated from the Australian College of Natural Medicine with an Advanced Diploma in Acupuncture in 2002.  During this journey, she was introduced to yoga.

She has been fortunate enough to have many wonderful teachers from different backgrounds, including yogi nuns, John Ogilvie, Simon Borg-Olivier, Peter Scott, and Liz Costigan and she is currently studying Iyengar yoga under a Senior teacher Glenn Ceresoli.

Although she continues to work with a few elite athletes she has a particular interest in pain and stress management.  She is most excited by the dedication of her students..."People have come to classes on crutches or with major burns".  She has 2 mottos: "As long as you are breathing you can practice yoga."  and "It is not the asana, but the awareness that counts, both on and off the mat."

Kerriann Dear
Yoga Instructor

My yoga practice has been my constant life companion. It holds the gifts and tools to regenerate and bring life back to balance for me. In 2013 was fortunate to complete over 300 hours of teacher training with Louisa Sear and with Flo Fenton. I’m passionate about social justice, the environment, and the healing of people and the planet. My work as a counselor and community worker has yoga woven through it. I am delighted to have an opportunity to teach at Cabarita Beach Yoga.

I hope to see you there. 

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Maurice McCann
Yoga Instructor

Maurice is a certified Iyengar teacher. He has been practicing yoga for over 20 years, and teaching since 2000. In 1996, committed to the Iyengar method, he developed a strong and disciplined practice. In 2003, Maurice became the principal teacher and co-director of the West Australian School of Yoga.

In 2010, Maurice relocated to Queensland to establish the Yoga Room. He regularly attends classes at the Iyengar Institute in Pune, where he continues to study, and expand his knowledge. He also leads retreats and workshops throughout Bali and Australia.

Maurice’s classes have a strong emphasis on safety and alignment. His natural, down to earth style has enabled many students to easily go beyond what they had believed to be their limitations.

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