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Exercise Physiology


Has injury stopped you from returning to work or sports?

Are you just too overwhelmed to know where to start to get healthy?

Do you need a professional to give you support to return to pre-illness activity?

The truth is we are living longer.

How well you do that is up to you. If you have a chronic or complex condition you are eligible for a referral from a GP through the Medicare EPC system for a partial rebate of up to 5 private sessions per calendar year. (unlimited for DVA).

Book your Exercise Physiology Session today!

What form of exercise works best for you?

We all need to move our bodies - the question is how to effectively and efficiently get the maximum benefit from that time invested.  Let's talk and discover the best way for you to attain your health goals.

The prescription is to exercise

Research has proven that exercise, at the correct intensity and duration, not only improves the quality of life – it decreases the incidence of disease, chronic health conditions, and obesity.  


Our nation faces growing health problems including a variety of chronic diseases and health complications such as obesity, heart problems, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, depression and anxiety, arthritis, and osteoporosis. You can make a!

Provider Information

Member of the Australian Association of Chinese Medicine and 

Member of the Australian Association of Exercise and Sport Scientists

Medicare Provider
No: 2954471H    

DVA Provider

Health Fund Rebates

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