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4 Week Detox Program
Health Reset

Are you feeling sluggish, burnt out or wanting to shed those extra winter kilos before Christmas? 

If you feel you are in need of 'wiping the slate clean' but need some extra support and motivation, this comprehensive practitioner-led detox program is your solution to returning to an ideal state of health.  

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The goals of a foundational detox program include:

1. Reduce toxin burden - Follow a specialised detox diet and detoxify your environment.  Avoid common dietary toxins and allergens such as gluten, alcohol, coffee and cigarette smoke.

2. Support detox pathways - A comprehensive detox program offers liver, gut, kidney and cellular detoxification support. It also promotes healthy gut flora balance.

3. Neutralise free radicals - Incorporate a range of antioxidants to protect against potentially harmful free radicals.

4. Eliminate waste products - Support healthy liver, kidney and gastrointestinal elimination.


Still not sure? 

For questions about the program or if you are unsure whether it is the right program for you, please email:   

My name is Isabel Gordon and as an Accredited Exercise Scientist, Acupuncturist and Yoga Instructor, I am well qualified to assist you in getting the most from your health.  

Summer Fun


*valued over $450

This 4 Week Program includes:

  • ​Initial Detox questionnaire/health assessment

  • Weekly group zoom sessions

  • Individual follow up consultation 

  • Practitioner only Detox supplements

  • Patient booklet and resources

  • Dietary advice/recipes/meal plans


  • incl 8 classes (2/week). $445 *valued over $730



Synthesis Organics



Exceptionally pure and effective, our bioenergetic face care is consciously and lovingly created from 100% natural, vegan and renewable ingredients, at least 95% of which are harvested from Certified Organic or Biodynamic farms.

We believe in aligning to the universal rhythms and patterns revealed in Nature to support your body's innate rejuvenating capacity. The result is high performance skincare that works beyond the surface to help move energy and align you to internal harmony and the Truth, Beauty and Goodness of your natural radiance.


Caring for yourself and creating space in your day to re-balance and restore harmony will not only benefit you, but everyone and everything around you.

We offer an elegant range of high performance holistic skincare and aromatherapy that unifies science and organics with heart intelligence and living energy to nurture a beautiful and harmonious state of being, inside and out. 

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