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The Yogis survival guide to beating the heat!

At Cabarita Beach Yoga we are fortunate: the ocean is only a stone’s throw away, and plunging into the azure depths is an ideal way to cope with this menopausal weather. However, for those of you unable or unwilling to don a bikini here are some yoga tips for cooling off:

1. Pour cold water on your pulse points

This is a trick my meditation teacher, Didi Anandashamita, taught me after I complained my mind was on fire ( oh, yes, the busy monkey mind). Your pulse points (intuitively enough) are points on your body at which you can feel your pulse. Because your blood is so close to the surface of your skin at these points, simply bringing them into contact with cool water will lower your body temperature.

2. Drink sips of hot water

Practice yoga on the water

Despite my initial reservations, it turned out that the Rajas in India weren't crazy when they offered hot water as a cooling agent. It dilates your blood vessels, which subsequently encourages your body to sweat. As a result of the ensuing evaporation, the heat moves away from your body and into the surrounding air, leaving you feeling much cooler (and not just for knowing stuff that most people don't know)

3. Sheetali Pranayama

Start by rolling your tongue like a hot dog bun, creating a corridor of sorts for air to travel through. Keeping your tongue in this position, inhale for 3 seconds. After inhaling, bring your tongue back into your mouth and exhale through your nose for 3 seconds. Repeat this process as necessary; you’ll find that the cooling effect of air passing over your tongue will lower your temperature in no time.

4. Viparita Karani

This is my number 1 beat the heat yoga pose. In the summertime, when I can feel my legs heating up, I put away my phone, ready my pillow, and swing my legs up the wall. I know it sounds like a pain, but it really cools me down. And–added bonus–it also helps with the swelling that is often associated with too much heat. Don’t submit to the common Guna of laziness: stick it to the heat and give Viparita Karani a shot.

Why not attend a Restorative Yoga class...1st Sunday of the month (more in Summer!!).

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