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Growing Younger with Yoga for Over 50's

Today my friend turned 70! Yes, I was informed by FB, whilst she had hinted that it was a big "0" birthday, & I vaguely remember having a great musical celebration for a birthday a few years ago I really couldn't believe it.

She laughed & said it was attending my yoga classes! I blushed & handed her another cup of delicious lemongrass & ginger tea.

So what exactly happens when you start yoga in your 50's?

There is now a growing body of evidence that shows that a regular yoga practice can reduce the need for prescription drugs, ease pain, reduce stress, boost the immune system, calm the nervous system, help relieve chronic tension, assist the heart, help balance blood sugar levels and keep the mind sharp. (See Suza Francina “The New Yoga for Healthy Ageing”).

As Geeta Iyengar noted:

“Yoga is a gift for older people. One who studies yoga in the later years gains not only health and happiness, but also freshness of mind… since yoga gives one a bright outlook on life. One can look forward to a more healthful future rather than looking back into the past. Yoga is a rebirth which teaches one to face the rest of one’s life happily, peacefully and courageously”.

In all classes at CBY we use yoga props, like chairs, blocks, and bolsters, to help you feel your body and make the poses easier and more accessable.


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