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Enhancing your Immunity

Living in a body with 2 auto-immune conditions means this is a subject I am personally passionate about. As you can imagine I was delighted to discover the Immune system practice from the Iyengar Yoga system. As a child whilst most people were sucking on lollies I was popping antibiotics, surrounded by boxes of tissues and bottles of lucozade. Even as an adult, I will admit there have been days where I used to get pretty upset at my body. Studying Natural medicine has greatly enhanced my life.

HOW TO KEEP Your Immune System Strong

1) Exercise like a Dog

Have you noticed how your dog is alwyas happy to walk...they see it as their playtime. It is one of the single best ways to enhance your immune system & lift your mood. Try taking a friend (or a dog), for double the benefits.

2) Rest like a Cat

Cats are excellent at conserving energy...we can ceertainly learn a lot from them. Be alert but not over REACTIVE.

3) Balance your biochemistry

Think Drink more water & amplify levels of Zinc, Vitamin C & Vitamin D


It is now relatively simple to check Zinc levels - this month I am offering complimentary tests to our clients otherwise they are at a discounted rate of $15.

Research has shown that if your Zinc levels are low YOU ARE AT AN INCREASED RISK OF COVID AND HAVE A LOWER CHANCE OF RECOVERING.

Foods that are rich in Zinc include: meat, dairy, eggs, lentils & seeds, unfortunately once your inc status is low your body sets up a Zinc blockade meaning you need a liquid or disolvable supplement.

Vitamin C

Try whizzing up some parsley with a blueberry smoothie

Vitamin D - the sunshine Vitamin

Try exposing your belly to the immune enhancing sun rays. Pleasse note that Vitamin D will get through sunscreen, AND the amount of sun exposure required correlates with how dark your skin is (ie: as a paler red head I actually need less sun exposure than my indigineous friend).

Being Older blocks Vitamin D

According to The Harvard Medical school: Compared with younger people, older people have lower levels of the substance in the skin that UVB light converts into the vitamin D precursor. There's also experimental evidence that older people are less efficient vitamin D producers than younger people.

Obesity has a similar effect, although fat is a great place to store Vit D, once a person is obese it seems to inhibit the bioavailability of Vit D.

Stay tuned for next weeks yoga poses for the immune system