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Resisting Colds and Flu Part One: How to Strengthen Your Immune System Naturally

Evading this season’s colds, coughs and flu can feel like an uphill battle through a treacherous warzone. As you forge through uncharted territory, you remain constantly vulnerable to an enemy ambush closing in on you. The same can be said of your body during winter, when it must regularly defend against viruses and bacteria. Poor battle tactics, such as inadequate immune defences, can increase the chance of viruses and bacteria leading to an infection. Fortunately, arming yourself with tools that enhance your immune response can turn the tables on the enemy and mount a counterattack that could win the war, allowing you to conquer any bugs that may come your way.

The Nitty Gritty of the Warzone

Your immune system has evolved to identify and destroy pathogens, viruses and bacteria, before they win the war. It does so by drawing on two lines of immune defence.

The innate immune response is activated when a pathogen you are exposed to invades your body, immediately setting into motion the production and release of immune cells that hunt down and destroy the attacker. Conversely, the adaptive immune response plays a slow and measured strategy, using other types of specialised immune cells (known as B cells and T cells) to learn about the threat and adjust it’s defences accordingly for a targeted approach.1

When these two lines of defence are in peak form, your immune system does a solid job of protecting you against pathogenic threats. However, an inadequate immune response increases the likelihood of pathogens overcoming your immune defences, leading to infection. In these instances, enhancing your immune system’s function using natural medicines can help build resistance against viral and bacterial pathogens and prevent the onset of infection.

Your Tactical Advantage

Arm yourself with an immune-enhancing artillery this winter by consulting a natural healthcare Practitioner. Skilled at identifying the weaknesses in your defence, your Practitioner can advise you of the best battle plan for your needs. A Practitioner can also recommend supplements to enhance your body’s immune response, providing you with an added edge when fending off viral and bacterial foes.

However, should a formidable opponent sneak past your defences, leading to a cold, cough or flu, your Practitioner can prescribe additional immune-boosting strategies to help you recover faster. The best options for you will depend on the type of infection that’s slipped past your guard, which is why it is important to get expert help. However, the strategies found here are a good place to start.

This is part one of a three part series, highlighting ingredients and methods you can implement to resist colds and flu.


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